Hildegard von Bingen


O Eucharius
You trod in the path of joyousness
when you tarried with the Son of God,
touching him and seeing
the miracles that he wrought.
You loved him perfectly
when your fellow-travellers were terrified
because they were men
and had no chance to see Divine Good perfectly.
But you in the full love of burning devotion
cherished him when you garnered
the bales of his command for yourself

o Eucharius.

Translation by Christopher Page

Viridissima Virga

Hail to you, verdant rod
that burst forth in the rush of the wind
out of sacred prayers.
When your time had come
to blossom on all your branches
the word rang out:
Hail to you,
Hail to you
The sun’s warmth trickled into you
like the fragrance of balsam.

Translation by Alistair Cochrane


O how great is the kindness of the
who sets all free
through His incarnation
which divinity breathed out,
unbound by sin.
And thus those garments
are cleansed
by the greatest grief.

O Frondens Virga

O leafy branch,
standing in your nobility
as the dawn breaks forth:
now rejoice and be glad
and deign to set us frail ones
free from evil habits
and stretch forth your hand
and lift us up.

Unde Quocumque

Whence, wherever they came,
as though rejoicing with heavenly paradise
they were received,
because in the religious life
they appeared honorable

O vis Aeternitatis

Power of Eternity
you who ordered all things in your heart,
through your Word all things are created just as you willed,
and your very Word
calls forth flesh
in the shape
which was drawn from Adam.
Power of Eternity
Power of Eternity.

Virga ac Diadema

O branch and diadem
of the kings purple,
you who are in your enclosure
like a breastplate:
Burgeoning, you blossomed
after another fashion than Adam
gave rise to the whole human race.
Hail hail from your womb
came another life
of which Adam had stripped his sons.
O flower, you did not spring from tew
nor from drops of rain
nor did the air fly over you
but the divine radiance
brought you forth on a most noble branch
O branch God had foreseen your flowering
on the first day
of his creation
and he made you for his word.
As a golden matrix
O praiseworthy Virgin.


Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy

Translations from the CD "Vision, the music of Hildegard von Bingen"
Angel records, Capitol Music Inc., except where noted

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